True to many endeavors, Photo Divine took us years and many brains to develop into what it is now. In time it moved from an anti-war project to a pro-peace venture as a way to create imagery that promotes positive body image and well being. The inspiration for Photo Divine is credited to our Mom, Judi Jackson. Without her, Photo Divine would cease to exist. However, it took many other people to get us to the place we are now. Below is a list of some of the individuals who have supported us through this journey. In truth each person we connect with has in some way contributed to the advancement of Photo Divine. Thank you all!

All of our Girlfriends
Our husbands, Jed Sebern and Steve Jenkinson
Our parents, Judi and Jim Jackson
Michelle Campbell ~ MC Make-up and Hair
Helen Bankers ~ Helen Bankers Photography
Mandy Mikulencak ~ A Writing Life
Jane Cobb
Danielle Dalley
Colleen Gerrity
Shannon Iris ~ P.O.I. Style
Rachel and Nick Kapustka ~ Serving Life Chiropractic
Stephanie Pace
Carson Jones ~ Red Scarf Shots
Heather Martinez
Chris Giles ~ Ghris Giles Images
Sophie Mohr
Janet Ottersberg-Smith
Sophie Parrot ~ The Marvelous Vintage Tea Party
Mona Rago
Joelle Riddle
Mikal Otten ~ Exquisite Kitchen Design
Debbie Sie ~ Light and Love Naturopathic
Dave Logan ~ Four Season Guides
Brian Treacy
Ryanne Sebern ~ Evolve Jewelry Studios
Brian Siebert ~ Canyon Coffee
John Trousdale
Joannie Trussel ~ Something Fishy & The Heart Path
Nasha Winters ~ Namaste Health Center
Debbie Wright and Joe McGlaughlin
Sue and Bill Wright
Julie Harris Chatham ~ Julie Harris Photography
Christina Knickerbocker ~ Paint the Dog Productions