Judi Jackson Scholarship Fund

Our mom was so many beautiful things: a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a friend. She thrived. She struggled. She loved to learn. She is our inspiration for our work and how we parent. She was so proud of us for pursuing the need for education around positive body and self-image. She completely adored the fact that we created a scholarship encompassing photography and creative writing to empower students ~ our mom was a passionate, well loved and respected teacher. Perhaps, without knowing it, her most valuable lesson to us is the importance of self-love. May she be remembered for her bravery, her strength and her unconditional love. Her legacy will live on in the Judi Jackson Scholarship Fund created in her honor.

Mom _ Judi Jackson Scholarship

Judi Jackson ~ Our Beloved Mama
June 18, 1955 ~ November 10, 2014

Grams and Mom

     Mother and Daughter reunited.
Sue Wright ~ Our Sweet Grams
October 8, 1929 ~ April 17, 2017

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A Tribute to my friend Judi Jackson

There are people who truly make the world a better place by their being and Judi Jackson was one such person.  I was proud to be her colleague and friend for many years.  I met Judi in the early ‘90s and we became fast friends, I guess it had to do with our commonalities for we both came from progressive backgrounds and views.  Judi taught 5th grade right next to my science lab back in those days and when we would have those precious few minutes between classes, we joked about the bureaucracies and absurdities that were invading the teaching process.  Judi was beyond dedication in her teaching, she would painstakingly work on projects for the betterment and joy of her students.  She perfected the concept of school climate and atmosphere, for her bulletin boards and lesson charts were truly astonishing. She often stayed late, to make sure that tomorrow’s objectives would be met.  What I truly admired about Judi was that she always had a smile even when you knew things were not right.  I wish to this day that I had that kind of temperament and perseverance.  Judi’s smile and attitude was infectious, it lightened your load.  Most of all, Judi touched children and won them over to learning by her patience and kindness. There is no nobler act in life.  When Judi had returned to teaching from a hiatus,  I was so thrilled to have her as colleague, once again and when she finally retired I  was deeply saddened for who would be around to bring me out of my nihilistic mood? Most people don’t know this, but Judi was one of the first innovators of differentiated learning in the Ignacio District.  Many of the materials that she gathered I later used for my gifted and talented lessons.  All in all, Judi was a wonderful person, full of compassion, wit and humor.  I will always remember her with the deepest of affection and respect.  God Bless you,  Judi Jackson and may you rest in peace.
~Burt Baldwin