Odin Turns SEVEN!

This kid! I was not prepared for him. I had no idea how much he would teach me or how fiercely I could love. He reminds me how I can be a better human. He challenges me with this task every day and I am grateful to have someone hold me accountable in the most real way possible. Here we are 7 years later. Thousands of photos and memories created. I took some time to look through them today and wanted to share just a few from this morning and from the previous 7 years of Odin’s life. I needed to sit with the fact that I have been blessed by this tiny and powerful human for seven years. It seems like yesterday when he could only get out the words “I you.” The “love” part of “I you” was just felt.

“I you” to the moon and back Odin Jenkinson. Thank you for choosing me to be your mom. Thank you for being my greatest teacher.

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