The Getaway Process

Find Your Ladies ~ Choose Your Dates ~ Pick Your Location ~ Embark on Your Journey

Sessions with fine arts photographers Kyla Jenkinson and Wesley Sebern are a celebration of women!  These photographers design an empowering photographic experience that allows a woman to expand her personal boundaries around her body image.

These artists create a magical yet safe environment where your personality and passions are captured in exquisite images that truly reflect and celebrate your inner and outer beauty.

You are asked to bring clothing or personal items that can be incorporated in your shoot. You also have the option of an on-site hair and makeup artist.

Sessions are meant to be joyful, spontaneous and illuminating. They have also been described as deeply emotional and therapeutic.

Whether fully clothed, nude or semi-nude, you are in control of the experience at all times.

Prior to the photo shoot, you will receive a questionnaire that helps you and the photographers explore the reasons for your shoot and prepare you for the most positive, transformative process possible.