That’s A Morris!!!

While my mom lay intubated in the ICU with two collapsed lungs, a doctor told me that one thing modern medicine cannot measure is the power of the human spirit. My mom walked me down the isle at 10,000 feet in elevation two months later.
When I found out that Joe’s dad was struggling with cancer and may not make it to Kelsey and Joe’s wedding, I heard these doctor’s words over and over again in my head. Proof of that human spirit showed when Joe Morris Senior arrived at Kendal Mountain to watch his son marry the love of his life. And when Joe Sr. stood up to dance with his new daughter-in-law, holding back tears was not an option. There were enormous amounts of laughter at this wedding, yet not a dry eye in the house. There was so much love and gratitude to celebrate on this perfect day!!!
Kelsey and Joe you will thrive in your marriage. You have already been through the toughest of times together, to have that kind of partnership is a blessing like no other. Congratulations again!!! I love you both so much!
A note about the details… Kelsey’s mom did all the dress alterations and made the flower crown, her aunt made all wall and table flowers, cakes and sweet little details. It was a group effort to put this gorgeous display together and it turned out beyond lovely.
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    Omg these pictures are gorgeous and so are the two of you!!

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