Women Speak

Video Produced by Paint The Dog Productions ~ Durango, CO

“I was astounded by the beauty, my beauty. I wept for the years I wasted not loving myself. The Photo Divine weekend left me with joy and lightheartedness I have never felt. I came away with an expanded idea of beauty, my own and other women’s. Then seeing the presentation was truly transformative. There I was, laughing, beautiful in every way. I have never felt so beautiful and alive. I will go back to the slideshow to remind myself that joy resides within me that I can tap into any time.”

If I radiated beauty the way the other three women on our trip did, then truly there is an embodiment of the goddess in me too. I felt so sexy and beautiful, and it really has carried through into all areas of my life. I feel it and others notice it too. I love it! ”

“The photos are amazing and a huge part of the experience, but I felt as though the weekend and all that it held made the photo viewing some much more then just looking at photos. As with most (if not all) things in life, this was definitely about the entire process of the photo divine experience. From the pre-meetings to the questionnaire, and everything leading up to the photo session and beyond, it is transformative watching other women feel and look so beautiful.”

“Powerful internally and externally ~ Bonded with amazing people and I was the center of a work of art, which is the highest compliment and privilege. Just as a work of art is interpreted differently by each and every person, I hope that anyone that sees these photos is inspired to do the same for both themselves and others.”

“Sometimes you find yourself in a space you least expect in life. My experience with Kyla and Wesley (and the girlfriends in my group) was more than I anticipated and everything I could hope for. I found my personal power and I’m glad to have done this for myself and my life.”
~ Heather

“The Photo Divine experience was just that…divine!  For the first time ever, I felt comfortable in my skin in front of a camera.  Kyla and Wesley are so fun to work with, incredibly professional and talented.  They made me feel safe and absolutely beautiful.  I feel every woman should give herself this opportunity to capture her essence on camera. I can’t wait to do it again, and again, and again!”
~ Rachel

“Kyla and Wesley are able to truly connect with each woman on the retreats. Through their unique vision behind the lenses, they offer each participant a chance to truly feel empowered and loved. If you are ready to connect with yourself and make some new friends in the process attend Photo Divine.”
~ McCarson

“After struggling with body image and eating and exercise issues my entire adult life, I decided in my 40s that enough was enough. I needed to celebrate all that was beautiful about me – inside and out. My session with Kyla was a defining moment in my life. The mind-body integration helps me lead a happier, fuller life.”
~ Mandy

“Being photographed by Photo Divine was an experience I will always treasure. My initial reason for partaking in the photo shoot was to capitalize on an opportunity to hang out with one of my longest and best friends down in Santa Fe. I must admit I went to the weekend gathering with trepidation. I wasn’t quite in my body the way I like to be, I didn’t have very many outfits to wear, and I was worried that I would be awkward in front of a camera. I remember thinking there was no way in hell I was going to let myself be photographed nude. It was nice to be able to be an observer for the first three photo sessions. But I wasn’t just an observer; I was partaking in an experience that created safety, confidence, and love from all of the women. Kyla and Wesley had such an amazing ease about themselves. They saw all of us as beauty and art, never making anyone feel embarrassed or pushing one’s comfort level too far. My turn for the photo session breezed in without any of the anxiety I had conjured up on the drive to my Divine Weekend. Before I knew it, I posed naked for many photos on a sun-warmed rock. Never once did I feel exploited. Kyla and Wesley were able to capture the real essence of me. None of the pictures were contrived. They were photos depicting a journey of learning to love and accept myself objectively, photos of me being art.”
~ Jane C.

“Divine! Seriously! You gals are amazing artists, visionaries and guides on an incredible journey into self-realization! Wow! So pleased with the outcome :)”
~ Nasha

“I was heading into my 50s and wanted to have some extraordinary pictures done in a tasteful, seductive way. I also wanted to share in this most incredible experience with my dear friend Nasha and have a blast doing it. It was beyond my expectations. We all started off saying “no nudie” shots and wound up all enjoying and cheering each other on with some wonderfully scandalous poses. Our inner exhibitionists were set free. It was truly a marvelous and sacred journey with all these incredible sisters, most whom I did not know before. It was an experience of a lifetime, and one that I will always remember and cherish the photos from. It was amazing how Kyla and Wesley were able to capture the essence of all of us and the vixens inside of each, in the most breath taking shots! I highly recommend this experience to all.”
~ Debbie S.

“You make this such a special experience. Comfortable, fun and so much self-discovery.  Highly recommend it for the great experience and the incredible photos.”
~ Lisa

“To transform this girl from a hide-behind-a-towel-right-before-I-hop-in-bed, to laughing-with-no-clothes-on-in-a-running-stream speaks volumes.  There is magic in your photography. But there is an equally an amazing calm and comfort that your easy-going essence brings.  You captured beauty without forcing a thing.  We all feel more beautiful, more confident and totally blessed today for giving us each a chance to shine like we never have before. Thank you.”
~ Crissy

“I was more comfortable with my body than I expected. You made me feel beautiful, sexy, pretty and cute all in one space. It felt safe and exhilarating and free to walk around half naked. The support and laughter from friends was encouraging yet the one on one time with you was perfect as well.”
~ Alison

“Thank you for such a great experience. Your presence is so calming and you have such a great ability and talent to make me relax during the shoot.  You are full of compliments and you have a great eye to capture everything around us.  I feel very happy I met you and was able to spend a weekend with you.”
~ Katri

“I took ballet classes throughout my life. Ballet is very important to me. It is not only my passion; it is part of who I am. Unfortunately, my family and my girls don’t see me dance very often, and don’t see that important part of me. Also, even though I truly believe that dancers never age, my body does and I wanted my family to see me strong and beautiful. Through photography I wanted to capture the strength and gracefulness of the body and my passion for ballet. And that is how I want my two daughters to see themselves and me: graceful, strong and passionate about the things they do. Kyla and Wesley did an exemplary job in bring my vision into reality.”
~ Jane H.

” The Photo Divine weekend was so much more than I had expected. It challenged any fears or doubts we had about ourselves and our bodies. It made us all deeply appreciate our own bodies and inner essences. The group dynamics and love felt while we were being vulnerable set me free. It created a deep appreciation of my body and essence. The photography was excellent and really created a profound affect on all of us.  Thank you for such a gift!”
~ Debbie

“Feminine, unique, beautiful, strong, and an all-embracing experience. My experience in front of Kyla and Wesley’s lens always felt safe, but got extremely deep (sometimes too safe where I couldn’t keep my clothes on!). My core emotion was released, and for that I am truly grateful. This was a healing process for me as much as it was a powerful reminder of my fabulous qualities (yes ladies, we are fabulous), not to mention a positively great weekend!”
~ Sophie P.